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Diagnosing the Wrong Deficit

“I don’t doubt that many people do, in fact, have A.D.H.D.; I regularly diagnose and treat it in adults. But what if a substantial proportion of cases are really sleep disorders in disguise?”

How drugs can influence sleep

“When it comes to substance abuse, which is one of the biggest public health problems, sleep disorders are extremely common.”

The dream lag effect

“The delayed incorporation of events from daily life into dreams has been proposed to reflect REM sleep-dependent memory consolidation”

The science behind dreaming

“So, over the years, numerous theories have been put forth in an attempt to illuminate the mystery behind human dreams, but, until recently, strong tangible evidence has remained largely elusive.”

Sleep Deprivation amplfies reactivity in brain

“The state of sleep deprivation continuesto be associated withmaladaptive emotional regulation, leadingto exaggerated neural and behavioral
reactivity to negative, aversive experiences.”

Sleep problems for veterans and soldiers

“We must do a better job identifying and treating sleep problems before, during, and after active service and deployment to combat zones.”

Sleep Apnea heterogeneity

“Importantly, patients with sleep apnea are heterogeneous with respect to symptoms, physiologic traits
linked to disease pathogenesis, and the polysomnographic expression this disorder (e.g., severity of
hypoxemia, sleep architectural changes).”

Supplements that help and hinder sleep

“Controlling your energy levels and sleep patterns is important for your overall quality of life. You can do it by making certain changes in your life such as exercising more, eating healthy foods and using certain supplements which will instantly improve your sleep or reduce unwanted tiredness.”

Sleep and Parasomnias

“Many people who suffer with parasomnias see an improvement in their symptoms simply by improving their sleep habits.”